50 years ago on August 1st 2020 St Kitts and Nevis suffered the worst kind of nightmare when the MV Christena tragedy occurred.
This incident profoundly affected the population, and rightly so, the loss of lives was tragic and painful, it is our duty to honor and remember those lost, how we do this is also key.
The SKN swimming federation has spent the last 10 years trying to raise the awareness of the importance of swimming, both as an activity and as a sport, and this year 2020 has seen a paradigm shift as more and more persons take an interest.
There has been a great improvement in the quality and sustainability of the sport at the basic level with instructors teaching our children this important lifestyle lesson, the most recent indication of this effort is the ‘Swim to Win’ program launched on Nevis this past month.
In conjunction with this upward trend the SKN Swimming Federation has launched the ‘GIFTING GOGGLES’ initiative, this serves to encourage visitors to the islands and any persons competing in either the Cross Channel swim or the Peninsula Swim, to leave behind their goggles, or bring an old pair and leave those. The idea is that if we can collect enough goggles we can distribute them amongst the existing swim programs and any n ew ones that emerge so that the novice swimmers can clearly see here is nothing to be afraid of in the water.
We are hopeful that this initiative will also be embraced by all of the hotels that have a pool and that they will encourage their guests to leave behind any goggles that they bring with them.
The collection point on Nevis will be at Bike Nevis Oualie beach, and on St Kitts C/O Eldon Thomas, at National Caribbean insurance
, Lower St , Basseterre.



March 28th 2021